Silver King Equipment Preparation

Silver King Equipment Preparation - All Models

Marmon Link 5/11/2020

Getting your Silver King equipment back up and running is as simple as performing regular preventative maintenance and cleaning. Follow the instructions below to get your equipment operating to its fullest capacity, as well as making it clean and safe for your customers.

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WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, always unplug your Silver King equipment before cleaning and performing preventative maintenance. Do not use metal scrapers, sharp objects or abrasives as damage may result to surfaces. Do not use solvents or other unapproved cleaning agents as they may harm plastic materials. Remember to use all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when cleaning and sanitizing.

Interior and Exterior Surfaces

  • Remove any remaining product in the interior of the equipment, as well as any shelving and/or drawers.
  • Using a mild soap and warm water, wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces. Be sure to remove debris and grease in drawer tracks and slides.
  • Thoroughly rinse the cleaned areas with clear, warm water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • For an extra shine on the exterior of the equipment, you can use a quality stainless steel cleaner. Follow the instructions provided on the cleaner.

Doors, Drawers, and Shelving

  • Using a soap and water mixture, clean any shelving and drawers that were removed.
  • With the soap and water, clean all door and drawer gaskets. Be sure to remove any debris stuck in the ribs of the gasket.
  • Thoroughly rinse the cleaned pieces with clear, warm water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Check all door hinges and drawers and make sure that screws are tight. Ensure that the door and drawers are aligned correctly and sealing properly.

Prep Tables

  • For refrigerated prep tables, check that all brackets are secured tightly.

Equipment with Casters

  • If your equipment has casters on the bottom, check that they are secured tightly.

Condenser Coil

  • Check the condenser coil and remove any buildup of dust, debris, and grease. Use caution when cleaning the condenser coil as the condenser finds are very sharp—use protective gloves and eyewear.
  • Blow out any remaining dust and debris in the coil with forced air. You can also use a quality coil cleaning agent, follow the instructions provided on the cleaner.
  • Cleaning the condenser coils should be performed monthly to ensure optimal equipment efficiency.

These instructions are written and meant for you or your staff to perform. For additional assistance performing this maintenance, please refer to your user manual or contact your local service provider.

Download as PDF Checklist

For Silver King technical support and warranty needs, contact Marmon Link at 1-800-328-3329.

In addition to the maintenance instructions provided, please follow all city, state, and corporate (if applicable) safety regulations when re-opening your location to the public.