Prince Castle Equipment Preparation

Prince Castle Equipment Preparation - 296, 297, & CTS

Marmon Link 5/11/2020

Getting your Prince Castle toaster ready for greater customer and product volume requires bringing the unit up to date on its cleaning. Follow the instructions below to get your equipment operating to its fullest capacity, as well as making it clean and safe for your customers.

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WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, always unplug your Prince Castle equipment before cleaning and performing preventative maintenance. Do not use metal scrapers, sharp objects or abrasives as damage may result to surfaces. Do not use solvents or other unapproved cleaning agents as they may harm plastic materials. Remember to use all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when cleaning and sanitizing.

Daily Cleaning

  • Gather cleaning materials. You will need clean cloths, neoprene gloves, Multipurpose Detergent Solution, sanitizer solution, and lukewarm soap and water.
  • Make sure the On/Off switch is on the "Off" position. Unplug the unit and let cool for 60 minutes before cleaning.
    • The plug removed from the outlet shall remain clearly visible to the operator during the maintenance procedure.
  • Remove the bun infeed by lifting and set it aside.
  • Remove the conveyor by lifting handle up and away from unit. Lay it on a clean surface with the outside surface facing down.
  • Remove the release sheet and lay on a flat surface.
  • Clean the release sheet.
    • Put on neoprene gloves.
    • Dampen a clean cloth with lukewarm soap and water.
    • Wipe down both sides of the release sheet, making sure all built-up sugar is removed.
    • Wipe down both sides with a clean cloth, dampened with water and allow to air dry.
    • Rotate sheets daily for longer life.
    • Do not use any cleaning substances here other than soap.
  • Reinstall release sheet.
  • Clean the conveyor.
    • Put on neoprene gloves. Do not use abrasive cleaners or pads.
    • Wipe the conveyor with a clean cloth dampened with Multipurpose Detergent Solution, rotating the conveyor as you clean to reach its entire surface.
    • Wipe the entire conveyor surface with a clean cloth, dampened with sanitizer solution.
    • Units with silicone wraps.
      • Must clean the silicone wrap and the wires underneath.
      • Clean silicone per above. Rotate conveyor to area where belt ends meet.
      • Unhook and remove from conveyor and place on clean surface, black side up.
      • Clean wire conveyor per above.
  • Reinstall the conveyor.
    • Using the handle to lift the conveyor, line up the side posts of the conveyor with their notches on the unit.
  • Reinstall the bun infeed.
  • Clean the outside of the unit.
    • Dampen clean cloth with lukewarm soap and water. Wipe down all outside surfaces.
    • Wipe again with a clean, sanitized cloth.

Release Sheet Replacement

  • Rotate sheets daily for longer life. Replace sheets depending on volume of product toasted. Replace more frequently if using butter.

Motor Maintenance (297 Only)

  • Locate oil port hole on motor near fan blade. Add 2-3 drops of high temperature motor oil on monthly basis.

Silicone Belt Replacement (CTS Only)

  • If your CTS unit has a silicone belt, be aware that the belt is consumable and must be replaced every 2-6 months depending on usage and wear. Peeling and cracking of the silicone indicates when the belt must be replaced.
  • Uninstall the silicon belt. Ensure the CTS unit is off and not hot to the touch.
  • Remove the conveyor.
    • Use the handle on back to lift the conveyor up and away from unit. Lay on clean surface with outside surface down.
  • Rotate conveyor until area where the two ends of the belt meet is near the top. Fold the flab back to access the two ends.
  • Unhook the two clips on the end of the belt without the flap from the wire conveyor and rotate the conveyor towards the top until the unattached end of the belt is hanging free.
  • While holding the free end with one hand, rotate the conveyor back toward the bottom so you can access the attached end, life the flap and unhook the two clips on that end to free the belt.
  • Install new belt
    • Locate the end of the belt that has the flap.
    • With the flap positioned toward the top of the conveyor, fold back the flap and hook the two clips onto any wire on the conveyor.
    • While holding the silicone belt with one hand, slowly rotate the conveyor toward the top until the attached end is near the top again.
    • Folding the flap on the attached end back, hook the two clips on the free end of the belt onto the wire conveyor so the two ends meet. Release the flap.
  • Reinstall the conveyor.
    • Using the handle on back to lift the conveyor, line up the side posts of the conveyor with their notches on the unit. Move the conveyor into the unit and gently release.

These instructions are written and meant for you or your staff to perform. For additional assistance performing this maintenance, please refer to your user manual or contact your local service provider.

Download As PDF Checklist

For Prince Castle technical support and warranty needs, contact Marmon Link at 1-800-722-7853.

In addition to the maintenance instructions provided, please follow all city, state, and corporate (if applicable) safety regulations when re-opening your location to the public.